Based on the up-and-coming JTS 929 series microphone, this is a gorgeous and impressive piece of kit that once seen will be wanted. The JTS 929 microphone has been compared many times to the SM58 and for my money it is the better of the two microphones, satisfying everyone but the purist. The JTS is cheaper but offers a far superior capsule.
This variant has had the microphone carcass and ball polished and processed to finish with a thick, rich chrome-plate.

In use this microphone feels good to hold. Smooth and ultra-shiny, the microphone is extrememly distinctive and eyecatching. There is no doubt about it, you will be the envy of your peers.

Nowhere on the web have we been able to find an equivalent microphone. Hens teeth would be easier to find!

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What's in the box ? One chrome-plated microphone One protective pouch One polishing duster One XLR cable One standard microphone clip